About Us

Fashion? Style? Art? or just plain old Business? What are we made of? Here is a poem that best describes what we are all about.

Torn between black and white, Good and bad,
Right and wrong,
Don’t know where to fit in.
Then I cleared my head from the roaring, and realized that I do belong!
I belong to a race that is indescribable!
A culture that is rich beyond imagination,
I belong to a society that is beautifully designed.
I belong to confidence and strength,
I belong to a tribe that could never be eliminated!
I belong to LOVE.
I raise my feet and sway my hips gracefully, moving to nature’s tone.
I swing my head from side to side feeling intoxicated with the sound of love.
Yes I am thick! I am thin, I am fair, I am dark! But I am everything I was created to be!
I am Tabou.
Poem by Sonia Ibrahim
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