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Hey there! Welcome to Tabou, an Afrocentric resort wear brand based in Accra- Ghana that is the epitome of elegance and class. I’m Nadia Eman Ibrahim, the proud founder and creative director of this incredible brand that’s all about sustainability.

The fashion industry has been a bit of a mess, leaving behind a trail of waste and environmental damage. But we’re changing the game! At Tabou, we’re committed to zero waste designs and reducing our carbon footprint. We’re all about looking good while doing good! We believe sustainable fashion can definitely be trendy too.

Our designs are simply stunning, crafted from the finest natural fibers and dyes as well as Factory ends and some thrift pieces but our creativity is not limited to these. We want you to feel amazing in our clothes, knowing that they’re gentle on your skin and kind to the planet. And those leftover fabric scraps? We work our magic and transform them into fabulous new creations. Our ultimate goal is to create a platform where users can exchange/resell their old Tabou pieces to other customers or better yet, send u their old pieces for upcycling.                                                          Waste not, want not!

But we don’t stop there. We celebrate diversity like nobody’s business! Our runways and campaigns showcase models of all shapes and sizes, because beauty knows no boundaries. We’re breaking those narrow beauty standards and embracing individuality like it’s going out of style!

And here’s the cherry on top: when you shop with Tabou, you’re not just treating yourself to gorgeous fashion, you’re also making a difference. We donate a portion of our revenue to support mental healthcare in Ghana. We believe in spreading love and positivity, one stylish purchase at a time.

So join us on this incredible journey. Tabou is where elegance meets sustainability, where style and grace intertwine effortlessly. It’s time to look fabulous, feel fabulous, and rock the world with your eco-friendly yet stylish fashion choices!

Welcome to Tabou, where fashion dreams come true and sustainability is the coolest trend in town. Get ready to slay with style and make a positive impact while you’re at it. Let’s turn heads, have a blast, and show the world just how chic and classy sustainability can be!

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